Welcome to the IONS Consciousness and Healing Education Center!

This program is designed to serve the continuing education needs of health and healing practitioners. As a way of expressing our appreciation for who you are - for all you do, we are offering a series of 9 eLearning courses, free to you.

This is our way of acknowledging how important the work you do is to the well-being of your patients and their families. It also designed to provide you with a convenient way to renew and expand your own skills and capacities in the area of whole-person health care.

In these courses, you will learn from master teachers in the areas of healthcare, nursing, and medicine. Pioneers in the area of humanistic healing, spiritual care, and cultural competencies share their knowledge and wisdom with you in this series of self-paced programs that you can participate in from the convenience of any computer. In these courses you will:

  • Learn about the integral model that includes body, mind, spirit, and society.
  • Explore the qualities that define habitats for healing.
  • Reflect on your own worldview about health and healing and explore ways that these assumptions impact your life and work.
  • Examine ways that you as a healer can be with your dying patients and experiment with different means of communicating with these patients and their loved ones.
  • Describe essential capacities of the health care practitioner in creating healing relationships.
  • Consider different cultural and social factors that shape the health care system.
  • Gain tools for creating balance and emotional regulation in your own life.
  • Join a learning community who are helping create a better model of healthcare.
  • And so much more…

Thank you again for all the ways you are serving to promote healing for individuals and our collective future. In the article or email that linked to this site you were given an enrollment key. After you create an account, you will be prompted to type in this key to access each section. It is a good idea to bookmark this page for easy access to all the sections.

Continuing Education Credit

Please note: IONS is unable to assist you in obtaining continuing education units from your licensing agency. You are responsible for determining whether each course is eligible to provide continuing education credits through your licensing agency, and for utilizing the certificate you receive to obtain your own continuing education credit.

IONS is certified through the following agencies:

  • The California Board of Behavioral Sciences, provider #PCE 3885 (MFT & LCSW)
  • The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), provider #10318 (Nurses) Each course provides one continuing education credit.

You will be given the option to print a certificate after completing the quiz at the end of each course.

To sign up for the courses:

  • Note: The first time you take any of the courses you will need to register in our system by creating a login and password. Once you register you will receive an email with a confirmation link.
  • Click the confirmation link then return to the course page.
  • We suggest you bookmark this page to make getting back to the courses easier. After clicking on your confirmation link you will be sent to our main page - the easiest way to get back to this page is by going to your bookmark or you can scroll down on our main page and look for the Passcode Protected Courses and click on IONS Consciousness and Healing Education Center.
  • Then, choose your class by clicking on the title and use the case sensitive passcode you were given in the article or email that brought you here (you will need to enter this for each class below). Notice that this is different from your password.

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